Your Wedding Dress is Your Legacy

Let Nutone Help Maintain The Legacy by Maintaining Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Repairs by Nutone Cleaners

Let Nutone Cleaners Take Care of Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is a symbol of one the most important moments of your life. We know it's one of one of your most precious possessions and we make it our business to ensure it stays preserved for years to come. When you look at your dress years from now, you want to feel as you did when you first wore it. We want you to feel that way too. Your Wedding Dress should be treated with special care and at Nutone we have the experience and knowledge to make sure it gets the care it deserves. Whether you are having it made, buying it new, or borrowing it from a relative, give your gown the professional attention it deserves with Nutone Cleaners.

Your Wedding Dress Will Look Better Than Ever

Your Wedding Dress Will Fit You Perfectly

Your wedding Dress looks great, but it doesn't always fit perfectly. We want you to look and feel your best when you walk down that isle.

Bring your Wedding Dress into Nutone Cleaners. We will make sure your dress fits exactly as it should so you look your best on your big day.

Keep your Wedding Dress Looking New

There's no need to put your Wedding Dress in the closet never to be seen again. Make sure you store it clean to ensure long life. You'll feel as great each time you look at it as you did when you first put it on.

Nutone Cleaners has everything you need to make sure your Wedding Dress stays in great shape over the years. Contact us today to learn more!

Ready to Get your Wedding Dress Looking Like New?

Cleaning your Wedding Dress with Nutone Cleaners

Your special day is your most important day. We know you pay special attention to making sure your dress survives the day with as little damage and dirt as possible. Knowing that day is hard on your special dress is our business we want you to enjoy your day so you don't have to stress over these little things. This is why we're here. The first thing we recommend is to not store it without getting it cleaned first. The key to beautifully cleaning and preserving your gown is to begin the process as soon as possible. Stains will not have time to set and/or oxidize, which can make it much more difficult to achieve complete stain removal.

Here's what our clients have to say about us

I took my suit here on a bit of a rush job for an important event this weekend. Upon getting it back, it was stunningly perfect. There were a few sweat stains which were absolutely gone now, and everything matched perfectly. The whole suit was starched and iron flat, and it is as perfect as I had hoped for. Thank you Nutone, it was an incredible dry cleaning job.

Ajax Ravanna

Had a button go missing on my peacoat, they replaced it without me asking when I took it in to get cleaned. A+ attention to detail! Very happy with how everything looks.

Mack Craipley

The only place I take my drycleaning or difficult to clean items. Convenient location and always friendly staff. Hours are convenient for shift workers.

Kim Johnston

Great service, wish they did "ironing only" as well as dry cleaning

Terry Kennedy

I use these guys all the time. The service is friendly and timely. I have them do alterations as well. They always do a great job. I would highly recommend them.

Robert Symmonds

Good friendly service,

Nolan Hittel

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The fundamental difference between dry cleaning and laundering is water; drycleaning does not use water while laundering does. Most dry cleaners use chemical solvents like perchloroethylene (PERC) to get rid of stains like pen ink while the process of laundering uses gentler soaps and detergents.

Most common clothing can be cleaning in regular laundry machines, but depending on the fabric, some clothing should be dry cleaned. Clothing made from taffeta, silk, wool, velvet, acetate, and fabric blends that include rayon, silk, and wool should be professionally drycleaned unless the care label says differently. Garments made of suede or leather also should be drycleaned.

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Let's get your Clothing Looking it's Best!

Let's get your Clothing Looking it's Best!