Suede & Leather Cleaning in Medicine Hat


Equipment Specialized for cleaning leather

Suede & Leather Cleaning in Medicine Hat


Specialized Leather Cleaning and Care Services

Treatments to Make Your Leathers and Suede Look Like New

Suede and Leather Cleaning and Care

Leather and suede garments are a luxurious piece of anyone’s wardrobe and must be taken care of by a highly skilled professional. Here at Nutone Cleaners, our industry leading leather cleaning methods will ensure quality care of your garments.

Leather Cleaning for Motorcycle Leathers | Professionally Finished

Your Motorcycle Leathers take Major Abuse

Keep Them Looking New With our Leather Cleaning Treatment

Your Bike Leathers were once pristine and looked amazing. After a few long runs down busy highways and through all the weather you can remember, they're now looking like they have been rolled in dirt, dragged up the road and then had an entire insect colony ground into them.

How on earth is a rider to keep these things looking clean?

There are two options:

1. Go to your local car wash. Slip the attendant $5 and get a friend to spray you down. Try to stand still, This is for your own good! It should work out alright, but just remember to skip the hot wax cycle at the end. Jump on your bike and ride home! they should be dry in no time. Simple!

2. Do what sane, rational people do and bring them to Nutone Cleaners!

Leather dries out over time and the stitching can rot away. Once that happens, everything will fall to pieces. Depending on how often you ride and how dirty your leathers get, you should consider cleaning them every three to four months.

Although actually washing leathers is important to keep them clean and looking good, the real secret to all of this is to condition the leather as often as possible.

This is where we come in. Our Leather Treatment Process works great fall all leathers. No matter how often you ride or what you ride through, we're here to help you keep those leathers looking great!

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Founded in 1953, we have been offering laundry and dry cleaning services to our clients with the care and quality they deserve. Serving Medicine Hat and Cypress County, we offer tailoring and alterations as well as specialized material cleanings for leathers and suede.  With a team of experienced and specialized clothing experts, we'll make sure your garments stay in the best condition so you can continue to shine.

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